POP Gallery is a local art space in South Brisbane. In 2014, it was looking at rebranding and it reached out to LiveWorm Studio to refresh their branding and create a new identity for them. Their brand at the time looked a little dated; the font choice for the logo was somewhat old-fashioned and art-deco. The South Brisbane location POP was moving into was known for its quirky, contemporary art scenes so for my concept, I took POP’s identity in a fresher, more modern direction.

Pop logo concept design by Laura Gibbs


The brief required the development of a logo followed by a business card and signage for the gallery. POP was going to be sharing a space with another organisation, the Queensland Centre for Photography, so matching signage had to be designed for the centre as well.

I designed a large, blocky logo with custom-drawn letters which were then filled in to become one solid shape that would be large enough to create impact and “pop” against its surroundings. The name for the gallery then went inside it. It’s a simply, versatile logo that can be used in a variety of spaces.

The POP shape can fit other text inside it as well, as demonstrated in its business cards. These and the signage all feature the red from the logo, which was an update to the duller red from the original POP logo. I wanted to keep some elements of POP’s old identity in the new one.

The street signage is bold and eye-catching with diagonal lines to add dynamism and simple decoration to the creative spaces. There were metal frames along the front of the gallery and centre so great care was taken to ensure that the words would be legible even when driving past.

Shop front branding design
POP streetfront branding mockup design by graphic designer Laura Gibbs