X-Wing Mini Segway Tours is a Brisbane-based company that offers segway tours around Southbank. It markets itself as a fun, affordable and family-friendly way to explore Southbank and see the sights in Brisbane’s cultural hub.

I worked on this brief while interning at Liveworm Studio, which is also based in Southbank. When coming up with the concept, there were two things I wanted it to encapsulate: the brightness of the environment and the family appeal of the X-Wing experience.

Front of the van

I chose to do this by depicting a stylised scene of people using the segway scooters around the Southbank landscape. The design was for X-Wing’s promotional van so it needed to be inviting. I used a combination of bright colours and geometrical patterns to create a fun atmosphere in the work. The shapes used were simple so that people could quickly understand what they were depicting even when the van was moving at speed.

Another thing to be considered was safety; most people haven’t ridden on a segway scooter before so it was important to show them that they were suitable for all ages, including children. The van design communicates this by showing children riding the scooters confidently in the appropriate safety gear.

The client required that the design be printed on vinyl stickers. These would be used to cover all surfaces of the van for maximum visibility. To make this possible, I split the landscape scene across several stickers that could be placed easily around the entire van and switched up or even replaced completely at will. The end result was a flexible, colourful van decoration that captured the essence of the X-Wing brand.

Van side view featured image